Save The Hassle To Add Friends On Snapchat!

What is really the point of having an account on Snapchat? Of course it is to stay constantly in touch with one’s family and friends in a fun-filled and innovative way that involves snapping and creating videos with that added touch of lenses, face filters, stickers, emojis and what not. It is without a doubt now a fact that Snapchat has become an integral part of our lives and communication with the outside world.

Whether you are out to have coffee with your friends or you have just submitted your final project or it is your first day at work or your best friend’s wedding or your regular visit to the salon or your morning walk or anything in fact; the first thing we do at any of these events is pull out our phone, open Snapchat, take the best possible snap, add that caption then the filter and then you either post it on your account or send it to your contacts to let them know what you are up to. Inevitably, “Let me Snapchat first” is the sentence we hear daily.

However what is really the use of Snapchat without adding your friends and expanding that special circle online. There are six  different ways you can try to add friends on Snapchat and in this article we will explain each of these ways one by one so that you instantly add Friends on Snapchat and begin with your snapping experience within a moment.

Fun Facts about Snapchat!

Before we dig into all the methods that you can use to add friends on Snapchat which is in fact the real purpose of this article let’s just take a look into some fun facts about Snapchat that we know you probably didn’t know about and would get amused to read them! There are a lot of fascinating things about Snapchat apart from its camera lenses and face filter and stickers and here are some of these things:

1. A final Success after 34 consecutive failures!

You may have seen Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel at every front page now because it was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were only studying at the University of Stanford. The basic concept of Snapchat was laid down when these friends were brainstorming ideas for a final project and in an interview they did mention that the group faced 34 consecutive failures before they finally launched Snapchat.

2. Snapchat was once called Picaboo

Were you aware of the fact that Snapchat was once known as Picaboo and was only available on the Apple App Store? However later on in the year 2012 the Picaboo was renamed to what is now famously recognized all over the world as Snapchat as the platform was rebranded and the app was made available on the Google Play Store as well for the Android platforms.

3. Snapchat has more than 100 Million users every day!

It is almost unbelievable when one reads that Snapchat has more than 100 million users everyday which shows nothing but the fame that the app has gained over the years. Just imagine for a second how many people access Snapchat and keep sending crazy snaps all day to everyone in their contact list! Each second perhaps millions of snaps are being sent.

4. Snapchat relays more than 1 Billion snaps every day

Yes you indeed read that right! There are almost more than 1 billion times snaps in total that are relayed through the platform of Snapchat each day. Now what can one do Snapchat is indeed that addictive guys and there are a lot of happenings everyday that need to be snapchatted!

5. There are almost over 400 million Snapchat stories per day on Snapchat

The Snapchat stories which can be an image or a post that you display on your stories part of Snapchat account has been revolutionized every year ever since it was launched in 2013 and the idea became so popular that in the end Snapchat ended up with over 400 million Snapchat stories each day now which is just astonishing!

6. The forever famous Ghost face Chillah

The moment you access the Snapchat app you will be welcomed with a mascot present on the signature icon for the Snapchat which is famously known as the “Ghost face Chillah”. The “Ghost face Chillah” was in fact a name which Brown extracted from the Ghost face Killah in the group of the famous Wu-Tang Clan. Well it indeed deserves a round of applause for the creativity and innovation here!

7. Drinks are a famous feature on Snapchat

The recent studies have revealed that most of the users on Snapchat share photos or videos with their friends of their drinks! Yes you heard that right, it is indeed drinks that are famously shared over Snapchat. Of course all those margaritas and cocktails deserve to be seen by everyone! It is true that almost everyone who has an account on Snapchat has once in their lifetime shared a photo of anything that they were drinking at some point in time. This includes almost 93% of users of Snapchat.

How to add Friends on Snapchat?

Now lets come to the 6 ways that we promised to tell you about using which you can add friends on Snapchat.

1.   Start by Finding out your friend’s username

The most important method to add people and add friends on Snapchat is by exchanging usernames between you and your friends. This makes easy for you to add a person of interests that aren’t in your mobile phone contact list. You cannot add or approach to add somebody to Snapchat by means of an email address or actual name. You’ll just require requesting the person of interest and just ask then what their Snapchat username is.

Once you become aware of that, swipe down someplace on the Snapchat camera display. You’ll just need to define your Snapcode, display name, username, and Snapchat score. Press “Add Friends.” This will expose the Add Friends directory of options. Click “Add by Username.” Here you simply enter the complete username of the person of interest you want to include in your friends. You cannot add the by just tying a incomplete username and have Snapchat complete it instead. You need to enter the complete username to locate and add the person. You can merely hunt by Snapchat username; you cannot pursuit by real forename, phone number, email ID, or any further term or address.

2.   Add Friends on Snapchat by Using a Snapchat URL

Acquire a link to your contact’s Snapchat profile to add friends on Snapchat. Snapchat users can at the present generate a link that will help others access their Snapchat profile in the Snapchat application when you click on it. This link can be sent via electronic mail as well as a simple message on the smart phone.

You must open the link on your mobile that has Snapchat connected. The time you click the link, a Snapchat page will open in your mobile’s internet.

Click “Open Snapchat.” This will generate the Snapchat application unlock Snapchat account. You might be required to choose the Snapchat application from a roll of applications before it unlocks.

Click “Add Friend” in Snapchat. This will affix the person of interest to your Snapchat networks directory. The person of interest will be informed that you’ve added them, and they’ll requisite to add you in return so as to complete the process. This way is difficult way to add friends on the Snapchat.

3.   Add Friends on Snapchat using Contacts from Your Phone

When you Swipe down on the Snapchat camera display this will expose your Snapchat profile display, where you’ll perceive your Snapcode. When you utilize this technique to add friends on Snapchat, Snapchat will skim through your mobile’s contact directory and locate persons that have their mobile number connected with their Snapchat account. Not all and sundry who utilize Snapchat has a phone number connected with their application so only those who have can be added via this method. Click “My Friends” at the nethermost of the display. This will open a fresh display with your existing Snapchat contacts. Click the “Contacts” option. This will show an index of persons in your mobile’s contacts directory that have their phone number concomitant with their Snapchat account.

You can only add those people who are in your contact list. Slide to the nethermost of the directory to see associates that don’t haven’t installed Snapchat. These are altogether your acquaintances that one or the other don’t have Snapchat, don’t have their phone number connected with their Snapchat account, or don’t permit phone number correspondence for their Snapchat account. This is the easiest way to add friends on Snapchat.

4.   Add Friends on Snapchat by Scanning a Friend’s Snapcode

You can Add friends on Snapchat in an even cooler way and easy way and best way you can do is by a Snapcode! You can scan a Snapcode by purely aiming your Snapchat camera towards it in the right position. Your Snapcode is the yellow frame around your profile photo in the silhouette of a ghoul. Merely click the Snapchat ghost at the topmost of your display to reveal your person of interests snap code. Click “Add Friend” after skimming.

This will affix the person of interest to your friend’s directory. Hold your fire to be added in return. You might require to be added back by the person of interest in advance to begin sending Snaps hither and thither. This might not be compulsory if the person of interest permits Snaps from everyone and don’t add you.

5.   Add Friends on Snapchat who are in the Same Room

You can add a friend in the same room by Swipe down wherever on the Snapchat camera display. This will show your Snapcode and profile data. Click “Add Friends.” This will exhibit the Add Friends list of option. Click “Add Nearby.” Your gadget will pause to sense further proximate gadgets. Coach your contact to open the identical display on his or her gadget. Have your friend traverse to the identical “Add Nearby” display. You’ll observe their username come in your Add Nearby display. Click “+” or “+Add” adjutant to your friend’s username. This will add them to your contact’s directory. Instruct your friend do the equivalent with the purpose of both of you directing and getting Snaps from each other.

6.   Add Friends on Snapchat Back Again!

Add friends on Snapchat but you can also be added by others. Tab down anyplace on the Snapchat camera display. This will display your Snapcode and your profile. Click “Added Me.” This will present users who have in recent times added you to their personal contacts directory and by the help of Snapcode.

You’ll be getting notification by the person who added you or mutually for persons that you even now added to your own friend’s directory, and individuals that you haven’t added previously. These notices vanish after parting from this presentation, so if you don’t add somebody back at this instant, you must to get back to them ahead in time. Click “+Add” adjacent to the person of interest that added you. This will add them to your own friend’s directory.

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