Has your Snapchat account been temporarily locked for hours?

Have you ever been in an awful situation where you suddenly found out that your Snapchat Account has been locked? Or are you someone who has had a Snapchat Account Locked since ages? If you indeed are then you do not need to worry because you are not alone there are many people who are facing this dreadful situation.

However the good news is that this problem of Snapchat Acount Locked indeed has a solution and there are multiple ways that you can opt for to get your account back and continue enjoy the snapping experience.

What does it mean to have a Snapchat Account Locked?

A temporarily lock means your account is locked for a specific duration of time, usually, a short period. However, a permanent lock means that you are no longer allowed to use Snapchat using that particular account. You could be locked out of Snapchat both in new and old accounts.

What to do when you find your Snapchat Account Locked?

It is true that for when you find your Snapchat Account Locked it indeed is a dreadful situation that no Snapchat user wants to get caught up in. Of course you can always create a new account however who would want to lose all those snap streaks and Snapchat score that they have developed over ages? So you do not need to worry, here is what you can do for when you find that your Snapchat Account Locked.

Use the Forgot your Password Link

You can follow the various unlocking links present online and then login with your Snapchat account I.D and password. If you cannot remember or recall your Snapchat Login password then you will have to tap on the link for “Forgot your password?” present right beneath the Snapchat Login window. Now you must click on the yellow unlock switch, and be equipped to hold your fire for some time before you attempt to access your Snapchat Account back.

Of course there are two major things that you will require right now some things that no one will be able to give you but God and those two are your luck and a good day and then pray to all Snapchat gods that they will give your account before you know it to protect your streaks and that Snapchat score!

If you attempt to log in before Snapchat is prepared, you will be looking at the “Error to Unlock” message. You have to make this unquestionably certain you have uninstalled every arbitrator applications in advance otherwise you will extremely struggle get your Snapchat account returned. If you attempt logging in former to uninstalling any of the arbitrator Snapchat applications, then in this case your unlock switch might be substituted by a blunder note stating the horror which would be in the following words “We are sorry; we were unable to process your request.”

If your still find your Snapchat Account Locked then you need to tweet your issue at the @SnapchatSupport or you should consider contacting them using an electronic mail on Snapchat’s help account.

It was stated in the Snapchat’s Support Account on Twitter that Snapchat accounts can remain inaccessible for various application and can take almost 24 hours to recover. You must also know that Snapchat goes over and done with many of its accounts and then freezes those accounts that have been suspected and caught while abusing the Snapchat guidelines. Characteristically this ensues in surfs, where all and sundry is getting their account momentarily inaccessible at the identical time. Which rules are a must follow and why Snapchat Accounts get locked? These are the questions that need to be answered so that every user who is facing this dreadful situation knows why they are being put through this trial.

Why Snapchat Accounts get locked?

Of course while going through this article you must have wondered that why do Snapchat Accounts get locked in the first place and those who have suffered from it would be wondering what on Earth did they do to receive such a punishment where there Snapchat Account gets locked. Here are a few reasons for why your Snapchat Account gets locked in the first place.

1.   The email or cell number you used to log in for Snapchat has not been confirmed thus far

Snapchat does gives its users a little passé, but if you hook up with voluminous friends starved of authenticating your contact data, Snapchat will think you’re a robot or something and this will not end up in your favor at all! This entire ordeal means is that you have to send the confirmation email for the second time to Snapchat. If you’re not certain by what method to do this then you must try the trick explained above to get your locked Snapchat account back.

2.   You may have been annoying users

You must not infuriate and annoy people on Snapchat or else you will have to face the consequences! Nobody wants to face the inconvenience of viewing and receiving unwelcomed snaps from individuals who they do not know or recognize and that too repeatedly. So you must avoid annoying people and refrain from delivering anyone any kind of obnoxious snaps and videos.

3.   You must be using an arbitrator application

Snapchat discerns and highly dislikes when you practice an arbitrator application to use the social networking platform of Snapchat. Snapchat might be able to endure it for a tiny morsel of time, but you face danger of getting your Snapchat account inaccessible if you don’t abandon it soon hence you must avoid using such third party arbitrator applications in the first place. There is a reason as to why people are warned when you capture a screenshot of their snaps and using any application which prevents such warnings to be sent to users is forbidden by Snapchat!

4.   Snapchat has detected that your account might be compromised and must have started a protective lock

If on your Snapchat account you have gotten a message which says that your account has been breached and then locked for security concerns after which you have every right to contact the support team of Snapchat and choose the option which says “I have a log in issue” then go to “I can’t log in to Snapchat” and finally click on “I think my account was hacked”. You will then be asked to give all the necessary details and any representative from the Snapchat Support Team will get in touch with you to fix your issue as soon as they can reach out to you. Then Snapchat Support Team will guide you about the best course of action to deal with a locked Snapchat Account that you have.

These are all the reasons why a whole heap of accounts, where people direct in snaps to an unsanctioned Story account, get barred and you can’t unlock Snapchat account.

Is your Snapchat still not working?

There was this tweet on Twitter by a really angry, frustrated and a sad user which said “My Snapchat said I’m locked out of my account…what a great way to start the day.” If you have tried all the steps that we have explained above in the attempt to unlock your Snapchat Account that has been locked and your Snapchat still remains inaccessible then you need to do the following steps as the last resort:

  • First you must switch off your any internet connection you are connected to by enabling the Airplane Mode on your phone, tablet or any device you are using and then disable the Airplane Mode.
    • You can also try connecting to your mobile data from your cell network service or should only stick to your Wi-Fi connection and both should not be switched on.
  • You must restart your device using the hard reboot method.
    • If you own an Apple device such as an iPad or iPhone then a hard reset can be performed by clicking and holding the power button of your device with the main lock button till your display screen goes completely black.   .
    • However if you own an Android device then you can try out the following method for a hard reset:
  1. First of all you need to make sure that your device is switched off.
    If your screen is stuck then you need to remove and then place back your battery.
  2. Then you must press and keep holding the Power button(located on the upper-right side of your handheld device) with the Volume Up button (can be found towards the edge of your handheld device) and the Home button (placed in the middle of your handheld device) and keep pressing this till the recovery boot up system pops up on the upper left corner of your screen’s display.
    If your Android recovery system does not show up then you can move on to the alternate procedure explained below.
  • Now when the Android Recovery Mode pops open on your screen then you need to tap on the option for wipe data or factory reset.
    Make use of the volume increase and decrease keys to get this highlighted and then the power button of your device.
  1. Now choose the button for Yes which will delete all user data.
    Give this procedure some time to allow the factory data reset to finish and complete its procedure.
  2. Then you need to find and click the button for reboot system now.
    For this you need to give some minutes to allow the rebooting procedure to finish completely.
    Now if you wish to complete the device set up when the reset has been finished you can go back and look at the Initial Activation and Setup.

Try the Alternate Button Procedure for Hard Reset on Android

  1. For this method you need to press and keep holding the power buttonand the volume increase button and the home key at the same time till you see the company’s logo. Once this logo shows up let go of the volume increase button and the home key for when the recovery reboot screen gets displayed.
  2. Then in the Android system recovery mode you need to find and tap on the option for wipe data or the factory reset.
    Make use of the volume increase and decrease buttons to highlight and then choose the power button of your device.
  • Now you must tap on the button which says Yes which will delete all user data.
    Give this a few seconds so that the procedure for the factory reset is finished and done.
  1. Then you must tap on the button which says reboot system now.
    For this method you need to give some minutes to let the reboot procedure completely finish.
    In order to complete the set up of your device when the reset procedure is done then you must tap on the section for Initial Activation and Setup.
  • You must try uninstalling your Snapchat app from your device and remember to tick the Yes option when your device prompts you for a confirmation for clearing out the entire data of the app. 
    • You must restart your smart phone or your device here for the safe side before you decide to re-install Snapchat app back on your device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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