How Snapchat Effects Add The Wow Factor To Every Snap?


Let’s all take a moment and try to imagine, explore and fathom what all the Snapchat Lenses and Snapchat Effects with all those fascinating characters deliver to all the users of Snapchat. The famous Snapchat Lenses or the Snapchat Effects indeed create the biggest hype ever in the social media networking world with their cute puppy dog faces with funny tongues coming out or the rainbow beam shooting out the moment we open our mouth on that front selfie camera on Snapchat; no matter what kind of a filter it is, it definitely adds that wow factor to every snap and makes snapping even more fun than it was before.

Ever since the use of the filters has gained popularity among children, teenagers, youngsters and even adults the Snapchat Effects have kept evolving with their new -fangled Lenses literally on every day basis particularly the Snapchat Face Swap has been a center of hype among the general public and not to mention the cuteness that overloads with those animal figures and the glamour that erupts with the face makeovers and all those bulging eye effects are simply irresistible and in fact all the creators deserve a round of applause for their creativity.

Considering how much of a major impact these lenses and filters have made on our lives and social media profiles it was simply imperative to bring our readers an entire article dedicated to Snapchat Effects and the wow factor that they have successfully inculcated in every snap that we take using Snapchat.

All that you need to know about the Snapchat Effects

So before we dig into the procedures and processes that one can adopt to be able to use the Snapchat Effects let’s take a general overview of what these Snapchat Effects, the lenses and the filters are all about and what one must look into to experience the complete fun that these effects have to offer.

  1. Lenses are basically theSnapchat Effects

The Snapchat Lenses which are functional in a moment here and there operates on the basis of the face recognition tool so essentially it is the lens that moves along the screen with your face by recognizing it. These lenses are so well coordinated and collaborated with gestures you at times have to imitate certain gestures according to as prompted to receive the desired Snapchat Effect that is linked with these lenses for example you may have to raise your eyebrows to have rainbow beam shoot out of your nose! And this is how Snapchat works folks!

Every day there are almost ten filters available on the app that you can play around with and use for your snaps and you will never be bored of them because these filters are regularly updated. You will have to wear that lens on your face from your selfie camera before taking the snap and then the screen filters may be added later on for further effects. This will simply enhance your snaps to another level.

  1. Update your Snapchat App to the latest version

If you all of a sudden observe that your Snapchat Lenses are not being updated regularly or are appearing not like they used to then your app is not updated to the latest version released on the Play Store. So in this case you need to visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to see if there are any available updates that you need to install for your Snapchat App. These Snapchat Effects can only be enjoyed with your app is in the most updated state.

2. Enjoy adding the Geo filters

Geo filters are those filters which can be accessed according to the location you are at on the maps. If you are in a particular city there are filters available that will show some monumental value of that city by its name or its culture or any landmark features in the city so that your snaps can even be more personalized. The Community based filters which have the oeuvre sanctioned by Snapchat which any person can send for the settings they have are the most unique. For example if any company places a request to Snapchat to advertise or brand their Snapchat Effects, Snapchat may end up accepting it and people can then easily add it on to their snaps

3. Try out the Color filters on Snapchat

The color filters comprise of those filter collections which if applied on any snap will change the hue of your snap or your video that you have made using Snapchat camera. Following are some of the common color filters found on Snapchat.

  • Black & White which will make all your snaps go monochrome. This can definitely make your snaps more colorful.
  • Vintage or saturated Filter will make your snaps appear antique and can have everyone drooling over the effects it creates.
  • Sepia will generate a yellowish hue on your snap and will definitely make your pictures classier.
  • Bright is the color filter which will instantly make your images brighter especially the ones that are taken in dim light or at night time.
  1. You can draw on the photo or video that you have just snapped

To make your snaps and videos even more personalized you can click on the icon for crayon at the top right corner of the display and then choose the color of your pen and simply draw or doodle anything that you want. This can make good snaps to send to your friends for their birthdays or anniversaries or any event.

  1. Place interesting stickers on the snap or your video

Now stickers are those features which can make your snaps more fun, personalized and can take them up a notch definitely. You can choose from a wide variety of stickers such as flowers, crowns to make a princess, hearts for that exaggerated love expression and much more. You can slide over your screen while holding the sticker to place them anywhere on the snap and can then make them classier with other Snapchat Effects.

How to use the Snapchat Lenses for the Snapchat Effects?

So if you are already impressed by what Snapchat Lenses, Snapchat Filters and the overall Snapchat Effects have to offer and wish to see your face getting transformed by these amazing features then the first step is to learn how to use the Snapchat Lenses on the Snapchat app because of course it is fun to see yourself turned into a cute rabbit or a puppy dog or Marilyn Monroe even. Yes! This all can be accomplished using Snapchat Lenses. These are the steps that you need to follow to be able to use the Snapchat Lenses:

1.       Access the App for Snapchat from your Home Screen by tapping on it.

2.       Then make sure your Snapchat Camera is set into the selfie mode or the front camera and tap anywhere on the screen. Give some time for the white mapping thing to recognize your face on the screen.

3.       When your face gets recognized, swipe across all the circular icons that appear at the bottom of the screen.

4.       Set the icon to the lens that you like or wish to get your face snapped in.

5.       Then obey any prompts if provided such as raise your eyebrows or open your mouth and close your eyes or tap on the screen

6.       Following these prompts will then generate the required gesture.

7.       Once you are happy, click on the capture button and enjoy snapping.

How to add the Snapchat Filters on your Snap?

As we have mentioned it earlier as well that apart from the Snapchat lenses Snapchat also offers various filters for your pictures which can be overlaid on your snaps and will add hues and tints over your pictures. This is where the Snapchat geo filters will also come into play according to your geographical location so that you can tell the world where you are currently at. To be able to use these Snapchat filters you must follow these steps as mentioned below:

1.       First of course you need to take a picture on Snapchat with one of your favorite lenses or without the lenses but the picture is a must.

2.       Once you have snapped the picture that you are happy with begin swiping left or right to see the various filter options that can be laid over your picture.

3.       Then simply apply the filter that makes your snap looks the classiest.

4.       You can even lock this filter and then overlap it with any other filter to add that extra edge to your picture.

5.       Now if you wish to save this snap as it is click on the Save icon at the bottom left corner of your screen or otherwise you can post it from your account or send it to any of your friends in the list.

How to add Snapchat Stickers and Emojis?

The complete fun of the Snapchat experience comes with the feature of being able to modify your personality on your Snapchat images and this can easily be done by adding texts, drawings, emojis and stickers. This all can be done by tapping on the right icons and here is how you can do it:

1.       First of course you need to snap a picture using the camera of your Snapchat App. After this a list of options will pop open towards the right side of the screen. This is the list from where you can add many Snapchat Effects on your picture.

2.       First you can choose the T icon present at the top right side of your screen to be able to enter any text, simply type in your text, choose the desired style and font and tap on Done once finished.

3.       You can also click on the icon for pencil in the same list which will let you use your finger to doodle or draw anything that you want on your snap to make it more personalized. You can change the color of the pencil or the entire color palette or make all your drawings with a heart outline from the shown options.

4.       Then you can add stickers by clicking of the stickers button which will display a wide range of emojis that you can select and glide across the screen to place it where you like.

5.       You can make use of the Scissors tool to make stickers out the images you have taken. All you have to do is click on scissors and then using your fingers outline the image that you want to replicate which will then generate its replica stickers that you can place on your snap anywhere you want.

6.       The Paperclip icon will let you add any link on your snap. Once you click it you can enter in any URL of any site and the recipients or your viewers will then see the attached link along with your picture.

7.       Tap on the icon for Alarm Clock to select for how long the recipient can view your snap. The range lies between one to ten seconds or you can even select the infinity symbol.




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