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Snapchat users would know that everyday there is literally just another fascinating fact about Snapchat that they get to discover only to be left in awe by this amazing social networking platform. If you are an avid Snapchat user you must have observed the emojis that pop beside your snap streaks, isn’t it? These emojis are not random at all folks in fact this is the way by which Snapchat informs you about the kind of snap streak relationship you have with the person.

Each of these emojis refer to a unique meaning here and in fact acts as a reminder of who you are about to send any snap to and tells you how often you two stay connected via the snap streaks. Snapchat in fact refers to these emojis as “friend emojis” which in fact exist to associate a particular symbol with your friends or your best friends that you have on-going Snap streaks with. You should also know that emojis will already be pre-set for every existing user however they can easily be customized too.

These Snapchat Emojis have a lot of different categories and are linked to many different categories and has meaning to it but many users are unaware of the meanings behind them which is quiet sad because everything on Snapchat has a meaning. This article hence is a complete guide which will tell you all that you need to know regarding the Snapchat Emojis beside your contacts so you can decode their meanings instantly just by looking at them so we wish you a happy reading!

Let’s look into some of the Snapchat Fun Facts First!

We have decided to bring you a surprise in this article which is to talk about some of the Fun Facts of Snapchats that you probably did not know of and in fact reading some of these facts will leave you astonished and in awe!

  1. The Snapchat Social Networking Platform was co-founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy who worked as a group when they studied in the University of Stanford on their web platform known as Future Freshmen which was for students. Spiegel informed the Palisadian Post back in 2013 that before they successfully launched Snapchat, they had faced 34 consecutive failures.
  2. At first Snapchat was known as Picaboo when it was created back in July 2011 in the living room of Spiegel’s father and was just available on the Apple App Store.
  3. Picaboo was then rebranded to Snapchat which was then launched for the Android users on the Google Play Store back in the year 2012.
  4. The idea for the real time disappearing snaps and messages dawned upon Spiegel and Murphy after a friend of their confessed regretting sending an image to the wrong recipient.
  5. Now this friend was Frank Reginald Brow who then approached his friends Spiegel and Murphy with one a kind revolutionary idea which later became Snapchat. These three then came up with the platform Picaboo, however Brown later claimed that Spiegel and Murphy did out set him which then resulted in Brown suing his two friends who in return generated a restraining order for Brown.
  6. It has been found that Snapchat has almost above 100 million users who relay more than 400 million snaps on a daily basis. Yes folks, you heard those statistics right and this has surpassed any picture sharing capacity of even Instagram and Facebook both combined.
  7. Then as stated by the Institutional Venture Partners, Snapchat is currently set at a value of $800 million because of its amazing funds.
  8. The venture investor of Snapchat which is Lightspeed Venture Partners has given almost $485k of basic funds back in 2012 when of the co-founders located that the three most famous apps on his daughter’s class were Instagram, Angry Birds and of course Snapchat.  After this Snapchat has managed to generate almost $123 million solely in their funding.
  9. Snapchat held its first secret meeting with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg back in the year 2013, where Zuckerberg talked about features like  Facebook’s Poke and founders of Snapchat Spiegel and Murphy provided their six employees with the copies of the famous Sun Tzu’s The Art of War .
  10. It is also known that Mark Zuckerberg attempted to purchase Snapchat for almost $1 billion back in the year 2013 while Spiegel and Murphy denied this generous offer to which Mark Zuckerberg later on returned with another buying offer of worth $3 billion which was again rejected by Snapchat founders.
  11. The icon or the basic mascot of Snapchat is known as the “Ghost face Chillah”, which was created by brown who took inspiration by the Ghost face Killah which was present in the Wu-Tang Clan and this is in fact one of the most creative things Brown thought of.
  12. Almost 26 percent of the 18 to 29 years old users with smart phones are known to be avid users of Snapchat while only 5 percent lie in the age of 30 to 49 years old and 3 percent of  the users are between the ages of 50-64 years while only 2 percent of Snapchat users are above the age of 65.
  13. Now this is another one of those astonishing facts that will leave your jaw dropped. The amount of snaps shared over Snapchat have rapidly increased from almost 20 million since back in October 2012 to now 60 million in the year February 2013 and then skyrocketed even further to a 150 million in the same year 2013 in the month of April while the stats showed almost 200 million in 2013 the same year in June and this number jumped to a good lord 350 million in the same year in the month of September.
  14. In the United States the percentage of people with iPhones and Snapchat installed on it is now 20.8%
  15. Snapchat is ranked to be at number 10 app in the Apple App Store that is downloaded by Apple users on their devices.

The Snapchat Emojis Meanings!

Now that we are done having some fun with Snapchat Fun Facts let’s get on with the real agenda which is to figure out the meanings of all those Snapchat Emojis and here is the list:

1. The Gold Star Snapchat Emoji: The Best Friends

This Snapchat emojis meaning is that somebody has rerun this person’s snaps in a span of 34 hours. It basically means if you have sent a snap to your friends and he/she replies with 34 hours. Surely there was something that sparked interest and they feel to reply you back. Congrats to you for adding a snap that instigated such interest.

2. The Yellow Heart Snapchat Emoji: You both are each other’s Best Friends

This Snapchat emojis means that you are the best of friends and that too, both called each other best friends. This is all because of the fact that you send each other snaps more than anyone else and you and your friend has streak going. It has to be someone really special to deserve that place in your heart hence this emoji has a lot of value attached to it.

3. The Red Heart Snapchat Emoji: The Best Friend for at least 2 weeks

This is an update of the yellow heart emojis because you’ve maintained your ever so special friendship for a fortnight and want it to keep going forever. Now you get to bond over a red heart, which signifies this Snapchat emojis meaning and its means something special. It could be early signs of love too!

4. The Pink Hearts Snapchat Emoji: The Best Friend for 2 months

You have kept up the status of being on number 1 best friends list for sixty days in a row and this is one the amazing Snapchat emojis. Wow, this has got to be a really exceptional moment for both of you because such an achievement needs commitment and compromise from each other because maintaining to be best friends on Snapchat for two whole months is just spectacular and this person definitely now holds a special place in your heart.

5. The Baby Snapchat Emoji: When you are new friends on Snapchat

You became friends with this individual recently and recently added on the Snapchat (Link: add friends on Snapchat). Isn’t this cute? The Snapchat emojis meaning behind this one is that your snap chat friendship has just been born and it’s just has started, and needs to take baby steps to work its way up and to get to know each other.

6. The Face with Sunglasses Snapchat Emoji: You both share a good friend

A best friend of yours is also one of their best friends and there are more than 2 people involved. Both of you are connected by the same best friend and that person acts a middle person.  Wonder who this person is that serves as an important person in two lives and amazing to see 2 people relying on the same person.

7. The Grimacing Face Snapchat Emoji: You share a common Best Friend

Your top best friend is their #1 best friends as well and he acted as 3rd person. This is pretty distressing if you’re a possessive person and don’t want to share your best friends with other friend! The Snapchat emoji meaning shows that you better learn how to share and must be compromising.

8. The Smirking Face Snapchat Emoji: You are their best friend however they are definitely not yours

Snapchat is making faces at you with this one because you are one of their best friends but they are not a best friend of yours and the friendship is one sided. They consider you important enough to send you snap but you haven’t been a good friend have you. You think you are best friends but for other person you are just like normal.

9. The Smiling Face Snapchat Emoji: The person is one of the best friends

Add another best friend in your directory. They haven’t made it to the top as yet, but they are going up steadily. This Snapchat emojis meaning is defined as that the new friendship has just started and growing steadily as u just started to know each other.

10. The Fire Snapchat Emoji: You are sharing a Snap Streak

This Snapchat emoji meaning is that you are on a Snaps streak and keep sending each other photos for long time. You have been sending snaps to each other to and fro for consecutive days and are now on a roll!

11. The Hourglass Snapchat Emoji: A Warning that your Snap Streak is about to end soon

Your snap streak is nearing expiry and can end at any moment so Beware and start sending more snaps. This is basically an alarm for you so that you immediately send a snap to keep it breathing and keep your streak going for long.

12. The Birthday Cake Snapchat Emoji: Of course it is your friend’s birthday!

The person of interest has his birthday today! If you’re a forgetful person, Snapchat definitely has your back in this regard and this emoji save you if you don’t remember other person birthday and will tell you in advance and you can wish he/she on time.


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