Snapchat Face Swap to laugh till you cry!

Snapchat has finally decided that they are done with the business of selling stuff to their loyal users. After an amazing update each snap that you receive can be replayed only once and you no longer need to purchase and spend money on those extra replays. This means equality for everyone so that the rich do not get to reap off the benefits of replaying snaps any more time that than they need to be seen.

It is that Snapchat in the past did launch $0.99 replays with one free that you can get each day however in addition to the closing of the Lens Store which was launched before it and then shut down soon the following year in January, Snapchat has definitely been redirecting their focus on making money via the advertisements that too as much as they can get.

Now even though some of you may indeed miss those replay options that you so generously paid for the latest feature by Snapchat will sweep you off your feet. After the successful launch of the Snapchat Face Swap tool which literally plasters your face on to someone else’s face on any photo or video you can now enjoy the added benefit of using Face Swap with pictures from your smart phone’s picture gallery.

However before you get all excited you must install the latest update of Snapchat then access this app and tap on your face from the selfie lens of the front camera and keep swiping across the filters to get the Snapchat Face Swap from within the Roll Lens of your Camera. Then click on it and Snapchat will begin scanning your camera gallery for various faces and will show you all the options for you to swap your face with. This essentially means that you can screenshot any picture or drawings that appears like a face and then plaster on your face to see how you would look like.

Now this can be extremely hilarious or terrifying or smart or creative but whatever it is that you call it this will surely make all the youngsters go crazy. People can grab any cartoon character, movie star or any movie character and use the Face Swap to see how you would appear in their roles and bodies.

Hence it can rightly be said that the Snapchat Face Swap is definitely another one of the exclusive signature tools offered by the Snapchat social networking platform which at times can be fun but sometimes it may become frightening as well. It is not compulsory for you to past everything that the Snapchat Face Swap shows you however it is indeed worth trying simply to find out how you would look like if you had someone else’s face instead of yours!

Without a doubt Snapchat has always been fun and innovative with their tools and features and Snapchat Face Swap feature simply enhances the exclusivity and uniqueness of this social network. Hence it was important that we dedicate an entire article talking about Snapchat Face Swap and all that this feature allows you to do so.

How to activate the Snapchat lenses?

Now you must be wondering how can one end up activating these Snapchat lenses for the face swap feature. The first thing you need to do is access the Snapchat in the selfie view and then tap and keep pressing your face as shown on the screen till a white colored lattice pops open and takes measurements of the dimensions of your face.

Now once it is done, you can browse through all the options right beside the capture button of Snapchat effects to be able to locate the option for the Face Swap. Now you can recognize the Face Swap tool with its yellow icon and would have double smiley on it. You will be looking at two smiley faces emerging on the focal side of your screen display right now. There you have now successfully opened and accessed the Snapchat Lenses for the Face Swap tool.

How to align your faces on the Snapchat Face Swap?

Now once the Snapchat Face Swap has been activated or accessed as described in the previous part of this article it is time that you learn how to in fact align the faces to be able to use the Snapchat Face Swap tool. Now select any of your friends or family member picture or even any celebrity or your pet in fact that you would like to swap faces with and then bring into the line your face and your selected face along with the icons that have currently opened on your display screen until they perfectly fit with each other.

Now if you are someone who wears spectacles then it is advised that you remove your glasses so that the glare generating from your glasses does not put the camera of your phone in any confusion and that your eye lenses can be located easily. After this you also need to see that your face is straight up in front of the camera because any side poses will not allow the tool to function at all.

Yup folks, now that is it! The Snapchat itself would do the rest of the task for you, it will swap your face with that of the other person you have selected and vice versa and will show you a display of both the faces with your face swapped with each other. Now this is that time when you will either burst into a laughter attack by how hilarious you look with another person’s face plastered on you or you will be frightened to death by how scary the results have come out to be.

This experience can be quiet strange and weird but it so worth the thrill of laughing out loud at the final results of the Snapchat Face Swap. This is that feature which literally in all terms will make you visualize on how you would look with your face plastered on another person’s body without wasting any time to imagine thinking how you would look. So this is indeed quite interesting and exhilarating to say the least.

How to make use of the Snapchat Face Swap solo lens?

The hype that the feature of the Snapchat face swap lens has created among the public does not seem like it would die any time soon because this is being loved increasingly among people of all ages, the creators of this tool have come up with an added face swap option which is solo so that you can enjoy some quality time just with yourself as well.

Now folks, the solo Snapchat Face Swap lens allow you to interchange your face with anyone’s face from your phone’s gallery of pictures as another option. All you have to do is go to the purple face swap icon after you have accessed the app of Snapchat and then tap and hold your face to access all the selections for the lenses. If you cannot find the purple face swap icon you will be required to install the recent update for your Snapchat app.

What Snapchat essentially will do is that it will present you with choices of the faces that it can find in your picture gallery which you can simply select to see how the face do-over will appear. Then the Snapchat face swap will allow you to swap your own face with anyone such as your friend or a celebrity like Kanye West or Harry Potter or something completely random that you found on the internet or with your mother simply for having fun!

How to trouble shoot when Snapchat Face Swap disappears?

Whether you are trying out your favorite puppy dog face plastered on to your own face or simply using Snapchat Face Swap with your best friend’s face, whatever the reason may be these Snapchat Filters and Lenses are an extremely unique and fascinating way to stay in touch with your family and friends on Snapchat platform.

However just like other social media platforms, Snapchat filters have also shown certain issues. If you have observed that your Snapchat filters have suddenly disappeared or are missing or are not working like they used to then no need to fret over it because you are not the only one facing this issue. There have been reports of Snapchat users who have increasingly be tweeting regarding this issue when their filters have suddenly disappeared. Now Snapchat has advised all their users to install the recent update of Snapchat app made available to get rid of the issue at hand.

The recent update launched by Snapchat has changed how users can open up and access the filters. In the past users had to access the camera screen on the Snapchat app and then tap on their own face to access the face filters and other features to pop open. However now the latest update allows the users to tap anywhere on the screen just once to open up the face filters and hence they do not have to tap only on their face to open these filters. Isn’t this generous of Snapchat to make things so much easier for us for when all we use Snapchat is for those fascinating filters and how funny they make you appear?

You should simply tap on your screen of Snapchat App and not keep pressing it to access the filters this may very well be the reason why your filters and the face swap tool is not showing up on your screen and then let us know in the comments if this helped fix the problem.

Then comes those users who are still struggling with various hiccups and glitches on their Snapchat App are advised to restart their smart phone because sometimes folks simply troubleshooting fixes such as restarting your device at times can fix even the biggest of troubles at hand. However if a restart also does not get rid of the problem for you then you should try deleting the Snapchat app and then reinstall it from your Play Store.

Lastly if nothing else works out then you need to check if your smart phone or your device is compatible with Snapchat or not. For the Android devices, the lenses will be supported by the Android version 4.3 and the higher versions and not any version before these. However for the Apple devices or the iOS system these lenses are supported on at least iPhone 4S, iPod fifth generation, iPad second generation and original iPad Mini devices and the versions which are launched after these of course.


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