The Big Secret behind the Snapchat Ghost and their Meanings!


Snapchat without a doubt has been the most rapidly expanding social networking platform because of its one of a kind tools and features of communication has almost 310 million monthly active users which has indeed made it the most famously used app across the globe. The one feature of Snapchat which has always put it apart from the other social networks is the facts that all your messages and snaps will get removed from the receiver’s device after some seconds or within any time frame that it defined by you while the snaps that you post on your account will only remain visible for 24 hours.

Apart from this main feature, other features which makes Snapchat totally unique is the presence of the Geofilters, Trophies and filters for your selfies which has definitely made it extra fun. The very recent update of Snapchat dating back to 2016 has introduced the White Snapchat Ghosts which would appear right beside your friend list and they actually signify to something.

Now that we have established that Snapchat without a doubt is the most innovative, creative, revolutionized and modernized version of social media networking platforms which has made interaction between users not only rapid but fun-filled as well. We also know that the famous icon with of Snapchat is the symbol of a ghost which appears in various moods and emotions but in whichever face it may appear it always can be linked back to Snapchat exclusively.

Now let’s be honest folks, no one really knows what the actual Snapchat Ghost Meanings is and what it essentially signifies because Snapchat has never made any official statement regarding the creepy white Snapchat ghost icons and faces.  So really all in all these ghost symbols are just a casual exclusive signature of Snapchat.

According to some opinions, comments and statements, these Snapchat Ghosts tell the user regarding the kind of snap the other person is sending you, the manner in which you added them and the method by which they were added. Then after some real thoughts and extensive research, we decided to come up with a list of all the famous Snapchat Ghosts Meanings.

This article hence will focus on Snapchat as the social media network and the Snapchat Ghosts Meanings to clarify all the confusion regarding them.

The List of Snapchat Ghosts and their Meanings

If you are avid Snapchat buddy just like the millions of other users out there who have been using this platform 24/7 all year to stay in touch with their friends, family and partners then it is imperative that you know the Snapchat Ghosts Meanings because it is the ultimate exclusive signature of our favorite social media platform. Here is that list for you guys!

1.   Ghost that comes with a V-sign and a Star

If you ever see the Snapchat Ghost with a V-sign and a star then you should know that your friend sees you as a highly enthusiastic person and considers you as a fun loving individual to hang out with and looks forward to your friendship even in the future.

  1. Ghost that comes with a signature Blue Bubblegum


The Snapchat Blue Bubble gum ghost is the ultimate silent ghost symbol for offense, it is used on the Snapchat platform to tell the other person that they are sort of offended by something you did or said. Sending more than one snaps at the other person’s way can should be avoided here.

3.   Snapchat Ghost Smiling Face that comes with Heart-Shaped Eyes

The Snapchat Ghost with a smiling face and eyes bulging with hearts is a sign of affection between two people; the person who is delivering your snaps likes you a lot or is in love with you. This could be your best friend, partner, spouse, cousin or just a random Snapchat buddy or any person in fact. This means that whoever this person is always enjoys your Snaps and responds to them diligently.

4.   The Ultimate Snapchat Black Ghost


The famous and ultimate Snapchat Black Ghost signifies that the contact or your friend have removed their Snapchat account and are no longer using it or that they have temporarily deactivated their account for any number of reasons that only they can explain.

5.   The famous Snapchat Ghost Rock On

If you ever see the Snapchat Rock On Ghost then you will find it indeed funny as some people would take it as a rude gesture but the sign for the Rock On signifies that you and this friend of yours are off as a hit!

6.   The Snapchat White Ghost that comes with tears


Now the Snapchat White Ghost with tears does not signify something dark or gloomy or sad these are basically laughing tears as you can see whichjust erupting out of the ghosts’ eyes. This shows that you laugh with your stomach out loud that tears start to come out of your eyes which you are in a laughter attack.

7.   The Snapchat Ghost that comes with an Angry Face


The Snapchat Ghost with the angry face has an expression with its eyebrows facing inwards and has a scary scowling like face. This particular Snapchat Ghost clearly shows frustration, infuriation, anger and a cranky behaviour at any set of affairs so this is a clear sign that you need to be careful before you send a snap to this particular person.

8.   The Snapchat Ghost that comes with the Shock Expression


The Snapchat Ghost that shows the expression of shock indicates that you have blocked this friend of yours from your list or if someone has blocked you instead then the Snapchat Ghost with the expression of shock will instead appear on their list rather than yours.

9.   The Snapchat Ghost of “I Do Not Know”


The Snapchat IDK Ghost is literally the “I don’t know!” ghost. This shows that your friend is in utter confusion and hesitates when sending the snaps or the snapping relationship that you have. This ghost has a confused and an I don’t know face that anyone can recognize as the “I don’t know” face.

10. Snapchat ghost that comes with the Joyful feature


Next Snapchat Ghost in this list is the Snapchat face that has a joyful expression which means that the other person appreciates the Snapchatting relationship that you two have and is someone you simply send tons of snaps to all day and they simply love receiving them.

11.  The Snapchat Ghost that comes with a Glass


The Snapchat Ghosts with the Glass signifies that you have someone has added you and that person is looking forward for you to add them back. It will show up when someone adds you first and then you add them back.

12. The Snapchat Ghost that comes with a Crying Face


The Snapchat Ghost with a Crying expression shows that the friend is dissatisfied, sad, offended, angry or dismayed. This means that you probably forgot or overlooked their snaps or never replied to them and this ghost expression is pretty clear in conveying the message here.

13. That Snapchat Ghost of the Ultimate Surprise

This Snapchat Ghost with ultimate element of surprise expression signifies a stunned reaction. This means that your snaps are simply amazing to the other person and that when they see your snaps the reaction on their face is literally a WOW!

How to See Snapchat Ghosts?

Now that you know all about the meanings of the Snapchat Ghosts let’s take a look into the procedure that you can use to be able to actually see the Snapchat Ghosts, all you have to do is follow these steps compiled for you below:

  1. Access the app for Snapchat from your Home Screen by tapping on its icon.
  2. Then find and click on the icon for the “Ghost” present right at the top of the screen display or the camera.
  3. Now click on the button that says “Added Me.”
  4. You will be able to access all these different Snapchat Ghosts beside the list of your friends.
  5. Now you can enjoy figuring out what kind of relationship you have with each of your friends in your friends list.

How can you change the Snapchat Ghost icon?

Now let’s make one fact clear which is that the Snapchat White Ghosts cannot be altered or changed and they do not work like you can pick out the best one for yourself and just roll with it. These Snapchat Ghosts get automatically added by Snapchat itself and the users have no choice or any say in it whatsoever because this obviously depends on the kind of relationship you have with a particular friend on your list.

You can however change your own icon for Snapchat as you would like it to appear using another app knows as the Bitmoji app. To be able to change your own Snapchat Ghost, you must follow the steps mentioned below for you:

  1. The very first things that you need to are access your App Store and complete the downloading and installation of the Bitmoji App on your device. Now you must know that Bitmoji is directly in link with Snapchat and can even be opened through the Snapchat app itself.
  2. Now you need to access your Snapchat App from your Home Screen by tapping on its icon. Then click on the icon for Ghost from the upper left side of your screen display.
  3. Now click on the option for Create Bitmoji.
  4. Then one more time you need to click on the button for Create Bitmoji and you will be directed to a fresh page from where you can download the Bitmoji App on your device.
  5. Then all you have to do is follow the on-screen shown prompts to finish the process.
  6. Once the Bitmoji app has finished installing you must access this Bitmoji app by tapping on its icon from your home screen
  7. Click on the button that says “Log in with Snapchat.”
  8. Click on the button that reads Create Bitmoji.
  9. You will then be required to tell your gender.
  10. Simply select the style such as the shape of your face; you will be given tons of options here to choose from.
  11. Then make a select for the shape of the face that resembles to yours the most closely.
  12. The next task would be to select your skin tone, the color of your hair color and of course your hairstyle that you have in real.
  13. Now you must choose the shape of your eyebrows, the color of your eyebrows and the color of your eyes.
  14. Now select the shape of your nose, shape of your mouth, any head wear and other features.
  15. When you are happy with how your emoji looks like, click on the check mark present at the upper right side of your screen’s display.
  16. Your customized Bitmoji is now finished.
  17. Then simply go to your Snapchat and enjoy your new customized emoji.
  18. That’s it! This was as simple as playing one of those dress up games folks!

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