The Snapchat Numbers Meaning: Let’s Unfold the Secret


Without a doubt Snapchat is one of the most widely used and has indeed been the most famous app since past couple of years and is in fact one of those social networking platforms which every user with a smart phone wants to opt for regardless of how frequently they use it. One of those most prominent features of Snapchat is of the Snapchat Numbers and the Snapchat Score which carry a lot of meaning behind it. If you have been an avid Snapchat user then it is a must that you get to know all about the Snapchat Numbers Meanings which is what this article will talk about.

An Overview on Snapchat- The App

Just like we have mentioned that Snapchat is a highly popular social networking app and is in fact one of the most revolutionized social media app. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat was created on the idea of posting snaps and communication for a short span of time only after which they must disappear.

Facebook is kind of like a daily diary that gets written in permanent ink and Snapchat is that diary that although gets written but the ink disappears once the message has been conveyed to the other person. The process of making communication temporary yet fastest and real time is what which made this app highly popular the moment it was launched in the market. Sometimes we regret sending a message, video or snap to a contact or may send anything by mistake to a contact that we intended to send to someone else, this app however now fixes the issue of regrets.

Ever since Snapchat has gained popularity everyone has noticed that the best of Snapchat’s features are being copied by Instagram and Facebook. Since then Snapchat has kind of been off its game than when it was originally launched. The app is now packaged on features with added features every month such as the ability for live calls, Snapchat Group chats, group calls, map tracking, renewed face filters, camera lenses and what not. Now with such new functionality that gets changed on a regular basis it can become very difficult to get accustomed with the user interface of this app especially if you are a new user. However do not worry, with time one can learn a lot of things and benefits of this app are definitely worth the time that is spent learning.

However there is one feature of the Snapchat App that remains on the lips of every user of Snapchat and that is the “Snapchat Numbers”. Whether it is Snapchat Ratings or the Snapchat Score these numbers would remain completely useless and meaningless especially if you have never used the app before or have never read any manual that guides you about of these Snapchat Numbers Meanings. Now these Snapchat Numbers are all over the Snapchat app without any apparent meaning attached with them and this is what keeps all the fresh users of Snapchat confused as to what each of these numbers denote or mean in the real sense and how are they calculated in the first place.

These are all the reasons why we have compiled this article which would explain in detail the meaning of Snapchat Numbers and how are they calculated and how they can be increased or maintained at a particular value. So if you have been wondering what does the number on your profile means or the number on your friend’s profile means or any contact’s profile means? Then we have it all covered in this article, all you have to do is read and understand it so that you can maintain your Snapchat Score and beat everyone at this scoring war.

What basically is Snapchat Numbers Feature?

It is not exactly a secret that Snapchat as a platform has not been very open with details regarding their Snapchat Numbers feature and this can be quiet annoying as well.

The Snapchat Numbers feature is basically a tally of your entire Snapchat activity ever since you have registered for an account including the snaps that you send to other users, snaps that you have received, the number of users you have added, stories that you have sent to people, Snapchat streaks that you have maintained; all this is reflected in your Snapchat score. There are users who use the Snapchat score as a competitive measure to compete with their fellows or to get those trophies for showcasing in their Snapchat Trophy Case.

How can you look at the Snapchat scores?

Looking at the Snapchat Scores can be a bit tricky especially for those who have never seen their Snapchat Numbers before and with the new updated interface of Snapchat this can be a bit confusing.

If you wish to access your Snapchat Numbers and the personal score you must swipe down on the main camera display on the Snapchat App and you will be able to find your Snapchat Numbers along side your Snapchat username beneath your Snapcode.

Now if you wish to access the Snapchat Number of any of your contacts, you must access your personal chat with that contact and swipe right on this chat and towards the right side all the details of that particular contact will be present. You can tap on the icon with the three lines at the top left side of the display and their Snapchat Score will appear just like yours would when you tap on your own username. Then you can easily compare your Snapchat Numbers with that of your contacts.

So what does this numerical value even denote?

Now according to the official statements made by Snapchat your Snapchat Numbers are basically “a distinctive calculation merging the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, Stories you’ve displayed, and additional influences.”

However when you click on the snap score you will get a breakdown of the score in between the number of snaps that you have sent which would be the left side number and the amount of snaps that you have received, this number will be present on the right and when you add these two numbers the result will be different than what appears on your screen. Now there is no obvious reason to it and Snapchat has not revealed what other additional factors influence the Snap Score so we can only conjecture.

The additional score on your Snapchat Numbers may be calculated on the basis of the stories you see every day or the number of times you have written a word using a particular font. Whatever the reason maybe it is not clear yet neither has Snapchat disclosed it fully.

How can one increase their Snap Score?

The most straightforward and convenient method of deciphering the Snapchat Numbers Meaning, considering the fact how much we are unaware it can simply be put like that it basically reflects all the communications and your activity on Snapchat ever since you registered your account; the number of snaps you have sent, all the snaps that you have received, all your Snapchat Trophies, the snap streaks you have maintained, the contacts you have added; no matter what it is all of your activity reflects in these Snapchat Numbers on your profile. This is reason that the more your activity is on Snapchat the greater your Snap Score will be and this is exactly how it works at least this much we are sure of.

You will find a huge number of websites and web forums that will guarantee you an increase in your Snap Score by hundreds or thousands however you must not fall into this trap because these are all scams and they put you in a never ending vicious cycle of spams and the consequences are a lot more than you will be prepared to handle. You might even end up losing your Snapchat Account or getting it completely locked by Snapchat.

If you are hooked on to increasing your Snapchat Numbers no matter what is the procedure for doing it then there is a legal trick that you can use to get your Snapchat Numbers amped up. You can add all the famous celebrities and superstars on Snapchat and keep hoarding their account by sending them lots of snaps all day.

Your score will increase each time you send a snap so let’s say if you add Beyonce or Kylie Jenner on Snapchat and spam their account with snaps all day, it is highly unlikely that these superstars would have enough time to view random selfies and pictures that you have sent them in a single day and you will see that your Snapchat Numbers will escalate rapidly within a day. Even if Beyonce thinks that you have gone crazy who cares? At least you are getting those Snapchat Numbers that you badly want.

What to do when your Snapchat Numbers are not Updating?

If you are an avid user of Snapchat and uses this app only basis and still see that your Snapchat Numbers are not getting increased then you do not need to worry. There are some steps that you can follow to make sure that all your snaps that you send and receive do not go to waste and get reflected on your Snapchat Numbers:

  1. You need to make sure that your app is up to date on the most recent version of it that is present on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. You must wait a few hours because there may be a glitch with the app because of which your Snapchat Numbers are not getting increased and stuck at a particular value.
  3. You can get in touch with the Snapchat Support Team which should be in the worst case scenario and this will help you get rid of your problem because there may be a technical issue with your account.

Apart from this there are many numbers on Snapchat that can make understanding these Snapchat Numbers a lot more difficult and can even make understanding the dynamics of the entire app very difficult. However if you do some research the functioning of the Snapchat interface will become more clear and understandable and you will get to know that these numbers are in fact beneficial pieces of information once you get to know what they denote on the Snapchat app.

Many of the Snapchat Numbers present on the Snapchat App have a logical and reasonable rationale behind them apart from the Snapchat Scores which is something that makes the least sense out of all especially when we combine the score of snaps sent by you and the snaps received which comes out to be different than what it appears. Snap scores are even though not so dangerous pieces of information it is still fun to stay in competition with your contact list and friends to see who has the highest Snapchat Score just to check who uses the Snapchat app more than the other.


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