How to use Snapchat on Computer?


Whenever you have thought of capturing a photo instantly, the sudden thing which must have popped up in your mind is to simply open up Snapchat. Snapchat is an app which uses your camera and it lets you take screenshots or video of everything that catches your interest and your eye at the picture-perfect time.

Even though Snapchat is an app for smart phones but people have indeed wondered if there is a way to be able to use Snapchat on computer. You can easily connect Snapchat to you computer with the help of the software known as the Bluestacks Android Emulator and it is easily available and can be downloaded at any time and the best part is that it is totally free of cost.

If you have ended up on this page in search for the procedure to use Snapchat on Computer then you would be signing off with literally all that you need to know.

What is Snapchat? How does it work?

Snapchat is app which is available both in android and IOS. It is app which is mostly used for capturing a picture or you can send a picture to someone by just adding them on this app. This app can easily be used, you just need to take a picture and put it on your snap story, so your friends and see, but restriction is that it is just available for 24 hours then it will be automatically deleted from your story. This way make sure you have your privacy and can also manage who cans see your apps or who cannot see.

Snapchat initial task was to focus on private, person-to-person kind of like a personal photo sharing platform but you can now use it for a range of different tasks and activities and all of them inspired by fun, including sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating your caricature-like Bitmoji avatars that resemble you, and sharing a real time “story” that’s broadcasted to all your followers.

Snapchat even lets you store media to a private storage area. Other features include the ability to add filters and AR-based lenses to snaps and show your live location on a world map. But the key thing to realize about Snapchat is that it is all about instant communication through your mobile phone. Prior to Snapchat, social media was very desktop-based, and it was all about accumulating data.

What are the top reasons to use Snapchat?

If all that you have read so far has put you under the assumption that the Snapchat app is supposedly just for the youngsters of this era or if this is a lifestyle tool for people of only this millennial then you are kind of right in assuming that. Snapchat ever since it was launched became instantly famous because it solved the trouble among teenagers for when they instantly wished to stay in touch with their friends online.

However when we ponder over it for some time then we would realize that this is an issue with almost all of us residing in today’s world even if we do not admit to it loudly. Snapchat allows you to get into an instant and direct communication at a more personal level which people can view for not more than 10 seconds and even if there are screenshots you would get a notification buzz!

Of course you cannot enjoy the complete experience if you do not have all your friends using Snapchat however there are many ways to use Snapchat even if you do not have all of your friends on this social networking platform.  Following are some of those reasons:


Snapchat became highly popular because it goes big on the privacy thing. All of your content that you upload or send even in a personal chat will be deleted within 24 hours or as soon as it has been opened by the receiver. If someone snaps a screenshot of your conversation or any picture an immediate notification will be sent to the sender and they can understand what the receiver is up to and this is the sort of privacy feature which of course everyone needs.  Now it is not necessary to be a teenager to want such privacy tools.

Of course it was not long ago that we were all scarred by the privacy issue on Facebook which was because when you wished to send something in private and it ended up getting sent to everyone because of complex privacy settings. Now Snapchat has no complex privacy settings that you need to configure and hence is very simple to use.


There are many people who have assumed Snapchat as an app which can be used solely for sexting. However this is not something we have observed and the perception can vary from person to person and it could be that when at first it was launched it may have been used for this purpose however generalizing it to a sexting app title is not correct.

So you do not need to worry because simply just registering for an account on Snapchat does not ask for a license to send nude pictures to your contacts.


As simple as the platform of Snapchat may sound some things are not that straight forward here in fact if you are someone who is new to the Snapchatting world then this app may seem highly confusing and  or may feel like a walk through a difficult maze. The user interface is pane based where you have to swipe I right to left direction to access additional panes if there are any.

However, Snapchat does have the most convenient and the easiest video calling tool that no other social networking platform has to offer. If you are someone who is familiar with Skype calling then you would know how annoyingly frustrating that platform is and the entire time during the call you get to hear only four words, “Can you hear me?” Snapchat has solved this problem for you!

All you have to do is simply access a particular conversation for any contact in your list and if you can see this person online then you can click on the Snapchat camera icon in color yellow which would now turn blue. Simply tap and keep holding this button and you will get kind of a funny floating circle with a view of what you are facing. Now the video from the receiver will then fill in the rest of the space on the screen and you can have a good quality video call and even put filters on your face during the video call which is what makes it even more fun. You can also swipe above the screen to switch in between your front and back cameras.

How to have Snapchat on computer?

The first thing that needs to be done to be able to use Snapchat on personal computer is to download via the app know as Bluestacks Android Emulator, which can be downloaded via the internet. Getting Bluestacks to function on your computer is fairly easy and simple, you just have to download the file 298MB file from its site and run the installer to get the emulator at your service.

As soon as you select your operative system, the install wizard takes charge from here and does majority of the effort for you. Once the Bluestacks personal computer app is entirely installed tap the search sign to speedily hunt for the Google Play store for any app, together with Snapchat. Tap the install icon and you are prepared to start operating Snapchat on computer. You will able to use all Snapchat functions as you can use on you mobile phones.

The final steps of getting Snapchat on Computer

First made your account and you can instantaneously perceive the advantages of utilizing Snapchat on your personal computer and Mac as opposed to your cell phone. Experience the operation procedure and connect the Bluestacks application to your Google account which you will necessitate when linking any Android device. The simple setup is finished, go to the Play Store and download Snapchat and start using it.

You will instantly recognize that Snapchat looks so much cooler on PC and it is more fun to use on pc rather than on mobile phones. The crystal clear writing is simple to understand, and the photographs are vibrant and better to visualize and picture comes with a better quality than the mobile phones. Consolidate your connections speedily via your mouse as an alternative to your touch display. Capture and send superior photographs consuming your PC’s camera and enjoy the experience of using Snapchat on Computer.

How to download and install Snapchat on PC?

Downloading Snapchat on computer version is really simple; you will need Android emulator to run Snapchat on your computer. Now you must be thinking that what is Android Emulator and how it is used?

Android Emulator is basically software which can enable and create a pure clone of our Android platform so that we can run all our Android apps and games on our computer. We are going to use Bluestacks Emulator to install Snapchat on our system and the procedure is quite simple and easy to use.

Bluestacks is an emulator which will provide us a pure stock Android environment where we can install all our Android games and applications from anywhere we want and can be used just like we use it on mobile. We can also test the applications which are in development phase. So let’s see how to use Snapchat on computer without wasting more time on BlueStacks emulator.

How to download Snapchat on Mac Computer?

If you own a Mac device and wish to download and use Snapchat on a Computer or your Mac device then following are the steps that you need to follow in the exact manner as stated:

  1. Access the System app on your Mac and select the “Security and privacy” option.
  2. Now tap on the “General” tab and check the option titled “Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers”.
  3. Now, you need to download on Android emulator. An Android emulator essentially recreates a virtual Android device on your Mac and enables you to install apps meant for Android devices only.
  4. You can download any approved emulator such as BlueStacks or Andy. Browse to the company website, download the program and install it using the on-screen prompts.
  5. Now, open the emulator program and sign-in using your Google account. After you have signed-in to your Google account, you need to link it with the emulator program.
  6. Once you have completed the linking, search for the Snapchat app on the Play Store, download and install it.
  7. Now, open the Snapchat app and log-in using your existing credentials. If you do not have a Snapchat account, you can create one easily.
  8. Now, you can use Snapchat conveniently and share your snaps and messages with your friends. If you have a functional webcam, you can also send your snaps.

What to remember when using Snapchat on Computer?

It is evident that use Snapchat on computer, you’ll requisite a camera on your PC. Nevertheless, you will be competent to see other folks’ Snaps and likewise your contact’s stories as long as you’re linked to the internet. Do take into consideration that a computer shorn of a camera will push you with numerous blunders, but if you uninterruptedly clunk ‘Cancel’, you’ll be able to utilize Snapchat, deprived of having to attach a camera however if you see through logic then you will not be capable of taking personal snaps.

If you possess camera, merely click on the focal button on the application to take a nippy snap of yourself, or press it down to record a video. You shall also require a microphone to achieve this, but assumed that maximum cameras in this day and age have a mike innately, it shouldn’t be a difficulty.

You may have experienced Snapchat crashes after you login and you are left on the BlueStacks home screen. This is an app-specific behavior unrelated to BlueStacks. The Snapchat development team seems to have banned the use of Snapchat on emulators.

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