How to save those hopes with Snapchat Saver?

When we talk about the social networking platforms, Snapchat is always one of those apps whose name comes up on the top of every list in such discussion. The pertinent question here is what is so special about the Snapchat platform that has made it so famous not just among youngsters but people of literally all ages?

Snapchat was one of those very first social networking platforms that revolutionized online communication with their disappearing messages! Any snap, video or message that you send to any of your friends or family disappears the moment they are done viewing or reading it and you can even time stamp from between one to ten seconds which would be the times for which you snap will appear on the recipient’s phone.

Hence without a doubt it can be said that the most prominent app’s characteristics is that your pictures removes off the story automatically after 24 hours time, permitting you to save the photo because it vanishes off the story and you will be feeling helpless as you don’t have it saved before. Nonetheless, there’s a crack for everything and Snapchat saver is in the scene.

Moreover because any snap that you receive from any user will also disappear instantly and if you wish to save them to your camera roll and do not want to take the forbidden screenshot for it will notify the user then there are a couple of workarounds that you can opt for to be able to use the Snapchat Saver feature. We will discuss each of the Snapchat Saver ways one by one in this article and trust us all of these will work however before we move on to these methods let’s have a bit of fun with some of the most fascinating Snapchat facts.

Let’s have fun with Snapchat Fun Facts!

Indeed Snapchat has come a far long way since its establishment back in 2012; it was although brushed off by the senior citizens but was happily embraced by the teenagers and youngsters and is now one of the core social media platforms. Whether it is the general public or any business for marketing, Snapchat is simply the go to guru for their social communication needs and desires.

Before we dig into the real focus of this article which is to talk about Snapchat Savers let’s first take a look into some of the basic facts and features of Snapchat because of course as loyal users we must know everything about Snapchat.

Some Historical Facts about Snapchat

· Did you know that Snapchat was initially known by the name of Picaboo? It was then rebranded to Snapchat which became available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

·  In the year May 2012 Snapchat statistics showed that 25 snaps were processed in every second of every day and by the end of 2013 this number escalated to almost 4500 snaps per second.

· While in the year October 2014, Snapchat began serving various advertisers on their platform.

· By the March of the year 2017, Snapchat went public and raised almost $3.4 million in their funding.

· In the current times it is known that company is the employer of more than 3k employees.

· By the May of the year 2018, the unskippable advertisement feature has been launched on to this social networking platform.

The Financial Statistics of Snapchat

  • In the year 201 Snapchat generated almost an amount of $825 million in their revenue which was almost twice as much as they did in the year 2016.
  • Back in the May of the year 2015, Snapchat had its shares valued at almost $10.95 which was much lower than the real value of $27.09.
  • According to the recent statistics the average revenue of Snapchat for every user is valued at almost $1.53 and these were the statistics back in 2017 so one can imagine the value escalation now!
  • The average revenue per user is the most in North America at 2.75 dollars while in Europe this value is set at 66¢, while for the rest of the globe this revenue per user is set at a value worth 56¢.

The user and demographic statistics of Snapchat

  • Almost up to a 60% of the users of Snapchat are below the age of 25 and in the United Kingdom almost 77% of Snapchat users fall under the age of 25 or below.
  • In the American population almost 78% of the Americans between the age of 18-24 year old are avid users of Snapchat.
  • By the month of February in 2018 Snapchat has achieved the rank of the sixth most famous app available in the United States of America.
  • In the teenage population of the United States of America almost 47% of these teens think that Snapchat is a better platform than Facebook while 24% of teenagers think that Snapchat is definitely better than Instagram.
  • As stated by the YouGov survey, almost 30% of the Gen Y men are avid users of the platform of Snapchat in comparison to the 50% of these Gen Y women.
  • In the countries of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden have the most users of the Snapchat platform and most of their Snapchat users are around the age of 16 or above.

The Marketing Statistics of Snapchat

  • In the year 2016 Snapchat spend almost $90 million solely on advertisements.
  • In the same year of 2016 Snapchat also launched their product of Spectacles which let people post snaps of all that they had to see in the real world.
  • When we talk about the advertisements the top three famous brands for these are the Comedy Central, Buzz Feed and the iHeartRadio.
  • Almost 64 percent of the marketers own an active account on the Snapchat platform.
  • There are active wear brands which will definitely be on Snapchat for everyone to access however travel brands are least famous on Snapchat.
  • The Non-governmental organizations have the most number of stories posted on their official Snapchat account while the food brands use the Snapchat platform the least.
  • Almost 57 percent of the content of the brands on Snapchat platform is in the form of videos rather than snaps. .
  • People who access any snap from any of the brand snap stories almost 91 percent of these views access the entire story of these brands.

Methods to use the Snapchat Saver Feature

Now have you ever been in a situation where you have received a gossip worthy snap from someone or may be have seen something on someone’s story and have had the urge to save it on your phone so that you can show it to your friends and enjoy the moment? It could be that you could have seen someone sneaking out with someone and want to have a laugh with your other friends over it or you may have seen your class fellow’s wedding photos and want to show your other friends how funny her wedding dress was; let’s admit it folks we all have been in one such situation at least once in our entire time that we have been using Snapchat.

So under such situations what should one do? Here are some of the top methods that you can use for that Snapchat Saver Tools so that you never lose any of those special moments that you snapped on Snapchat.

1. Save Snapchat Photos by Taking Screenshots

The most important and simplest method to save Snapchat photos is by taking a screenshot which of course we all know how to since this a world where everything is saved in form of screenshots. Snapchat permits taking screenshots given the fact that the sender or person posting the story shall be informed about your action and other person will get notification if you take a screenshot of the photo. They immediately get notified via a screenshot icon Snapchat emojis meaning that even lets them know your identity. Snapchat saver by this method may be done in a wrong way but the main reason is to save a photo.

2. Save Snapchat Photos by Airplane mode

This method is a little difficult and it takes time for you to get acquainted with but if you really want that photo, you’ll have to go through the trouble of this particular Snapchat saver technique. Once you’re in airplane/flight mode, your phone is not linked to any system. The entire networking and communiqué characteristics of your cell are turned off. At this moment press on the Snapchat inbox display, open the Snap that you want to conserve. Take a screenshot of the snap and log out of Snapchat instantly.

At this instant turn off the Flight mode on your touchtone phone. The minute your internet link is back on open Snapchat again. You will realize that the snap you just took a screenshot of is intact and can be opened again. The sender has no clue what you just did and it is safest method to do because other person will not be notified that you have taken the screenshot.

3. Save Snapchat Photos & Videos using some Apps

There are numerous apps that allow you to carry out this Snapchat saver technique and give you different technique:

  1. SnapCrack: The SnapCrack app is based purely on the operating systems. Separately from preserving photographs, tapes and stories you can also direct snaps from your photo gallery.


  1. SaveMySnaps: SaveMySnaps is an Android app that allows you to see your snaps in addition to downloading them as a possibility. But the hard luck is to not to see the snaps on the Snapchat app in advance to save them.

  1. SnapBox: This is the conversion off the finest iOS app to save Snapchat pictures and videos. By means of SnapBox, the entire array your Snapchat pictures and videos are saved enduringly ever. On every occasion that you collect a snap, open SnapBox and log onto your Snapchat with username and secret code and the whole thing is preserved.

4. Save Snapchat Snaps (Photos, Videos & Stories) by Linking Them To Your PC

Snapchat saver methods also allow you to save in cooperation Snapchat pictures and videos through an iPhone and a Mac in form of MacBook or even the iMacs. Nevertheless, make certain that the snap hasn’t been opened We will be taping your iPhone as a motion picture in your PC and saving that motion picture file to your processor.

In order to achieve this, you will be required to connect your iPhone to your Mac device using a USB cord supposing your iPhone and Mac are previously in sync if not than you need to get them synced first before proceeding ahead. Go to QuickTime Player on your Mac and simply press record. For Android phones and personal computer, the procedure is a tad intricate. You’d necessitate facilitating contractor admittance and USB servicing in your touchtone phone.

We hope that these methods for the Snapchat Savers have benefited you, if you have found any other way for saving snaps and stories on Snapchat please let us know in the comments section below and also let us know which of these methods most effectively worked for you.

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