How Snapchat Score Works? How to Increase Your Snapchat score fast?

If you are an avid user of Snapchat then it is impossible that you do not know about the Snapchat Score because this is something that all Snapchat users live for. However if you are unaware as to what this is then you would have at least seen that random number beside your Snapchat username that is your Snapchat Score folks.


There will definitely be users who would have attempted to increase their Snapchat Score since years however do you really know what the meaning of the Snapchat Score is? There are tools and features of Snapchat that can be frustrating to understand and Snapchat Score is one such feature but you do not need to fret over it anymore because in this written piece we will dedicate our entire words to the Snapchat Score, its meanings and the ways to increase it.

What basically is a Snapchat Score?

It is not exactly a secret that Snapchat as a platform has not been very forthcoming with details regarding their Snap score feature. This isn’t very helpful, right?

Your Snapchat Score is basically a tally of your entire Snapchat activity ever since you registered for an account including the snaps that you send to other users, snaps that you have received, the number of users you have added, stories that you have sent to people, Snapchat streaks that you have maintained; all this is reflected in your Snapchat score. There are users who use the Snapchat score as a competitive measure to compete with their fellows or to get those trophies for showcasing in their Snapchat Trophy Case.

How can you find your Snapchat Score?

If you have never seen or searched for your Snapchat Score ever before then it can be a bit hard to locate particularly after the recent Snapchat updates which have made users highly confused. To be able to locate this Snapchat Score you need to visit your Snapchat Profile on the app then click on the Bitmoji Face icon or the circular icon present at the top left side of the display.

Right at the top of your Profile Screen you will see a Snap Code underneath which will be present your display name or username and three details of your Snapchat Account which would be your Snapchat Username, Your Zodiac Sign and of course your Snapchat Score.

If you click on the Snap Score this will show other two numerical values; the number present towards the left side represents the amount of snaps that you have sent ever since creation of your Snapchat account while number towards the right will show the amount of snaps that you have received since beginning of time.

How can you find Someone Else’s Snapchat Score?

If you wish to see anyone else’s Snapchat Score so that you can compare yours to any friend or any celebrity or any famous person such as with the famous “Snapchat share price-scaring Kylie Jenner” then there is indeed a method for it. Even though there isn’t any public forum or leader board that informs about such Snapchat Scores you can still take a look at these individual Snapchat Scores with a tiny effort.

All you have to do is swipe right across the user whose Snapchat Score you wish to view by first accessing the chat window with them. Then you must tap on the icon with the three lines present at the top left of the screen display. A new page will pop open which will show the user’s display name, their Snapchat username and the snap score present which would be in grey colored text.

What is the breakdown for your Snapchat Score?

You get one point added on your Snapchat Score for every snap that you send to a user and you also gain one point in your Snapchat Score for every snap that you receive and open however simple chat messages do not get you any points on your Snapchat Score. Furthermore you also receive a point for every snap that you post on your story. However you must note that you do not receive any points on your Snapchat Score if you are just viewing others snap stories.

There are random points which are known as supplementary points which you can earn from Snapchat but they will take some time to be added and will be added at a spontaneous moment.  

If you have been inactive on Snapchat for a long length of time then the very first snap after this silent period that you send will gain you a good number of six points instead of just one which will help you drastically increase your Snap Score. You will also be able to see the Snapchat Scores of your contacts when you tap right on their respective usernames and get in touch with them then you must click on the icon with three lines present towards the left corner of the screen in the Snapchat app. Then you will their Snapchat Score written right beside their username.

If you total up the Snapchat Score that you have sent to others and the number of snaps that you have received from others, the total outcomes will be different then what you see beside your Snapchat username. Now the explanation to this is a secret only known to the Snapchat App itself, there might be other factors that influence your Snapchat score that Snapchat has not revealed yet.

Our guess is that this might depend on the kind of snaps you send or the sort of face filters you use may influence your Snapchat Score. If you send a single snap to more than one user this also increases your Snapchat Score according to the number of users you sent it to. So all in all Snapchat basically has their own exclusive system for devising the Snapchat Score and this has not been made a public knowledge as of yet.

How can one increase their Snapchat score?

The only logical way to increase your Snapchat Score is to be more active on this app by sending snaps, maintaining snap streaks and getting users to send you snaps all day. There are indeed tricks that you can use to amp up the Snapchat Score game on your account and perhaps win the competition of the snap score war.

One way to increase the Snapchat Score is to add all celebrities and famous store on your contact list and begin sending snaps and videos to them all day. These busy super stars will never include you in your friend list and will also never open your snaps because why on Earth would Kylie Jenner have the time to see everyone from across the world in random dog face filters. However if you are sending a person or a celebrated Snapchatter any snap this will drastically increase your Snapchat Score.

You can easily gain 100 points on your Snapchat Score for every minute those if you only add 100 celebrities or Snapchat Accounts with huge backing up given that you send them all your snaps.

As compared to Twitter and Instagram which can mutilate them to increase their number of followers on the app using other software, Snapchat has an extensive system in this regard. If you are scammed by anyone who claims that they can get your Snapchat Score increased then this could go a long long way and not in a good sense hence you must avoid getting trapped in any such scams.

Now at this point in time the highest number of Snapchat Score all across the world is of the guy with the name @sillyblackguy who comprises of a score of more than 6 million. Yes you indeed read that right, it is 6 million. He has his Snapchat score increased almost by 17,000 to 30,000 every day which is just amazing. It seems like this guy practically lives on Snapchat.

What to do when your Snapchat Score Is not Updating?

If you are an avid user of Snapchat and uses this app only basis and still see that your Snapchat Score is not getting increased then you do not need to worry. There are some steps that you can follow to make sure that all your snaps that you send and receive do not go to waste and get reflected on your Snapchat Score:

  1. You need to make sure that your app is up to date on the most recent version of it that is present on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. You must wait a few hours because there may be a glitch with the app because of which your Snapchat Score is not getting increased.
  3. You can get in touch with the Snapchat Support Team which should be in the worst case scenario and this will help you get rid of your problem because there may be a technical issue with your account.

How high can you get your Snapchat Score to Go?

Considering how popular the Snapchat App is it would not be a surprise to you to know that multiple users of Snapchat have their Snapchat Score not just in hundreds but in thousands as well. However this does raise a pertinent question which that do you really wish to have a system which can measure the amount of time that you spend on Snapchat daily or randomly?

Just like with other social media networks you will enjoy using Snapchat definitely the most given that you focus on using this platform to stay in touch with your family and friends. In this case the other side will enjoy it equally too because of course no one would wish to receive a 1,000 selfies in a day from someone whose only intention is to increase their Snapchat Score.

What Trophies Can You Get With Your Snapchat Score?

The fun thing that comes along with your Snapchat Score definitely has to be the Trophy Case. This case consists of trophies that are awarded to Snapchat users according to the way that they use their Snapchat app. As you get your Snapchat Score increased, you will be given accesses to seven different kinds of trophies which will get added on to your Trophy Case.

Can you increase your Snapchat Score online?

There are a number of web forums and websites that promise to get your Snapchat Score increased to hundreds or thousands of points in a day. These platforms will make claims that will sound too good to be real and some of them will guarantee you an increase in the Snapchat Score within minutes..

One advice that we can give you is that please do not get into this tap and be fooled by these fake promises because all of these websites are nothing but a scam. Your Snapchat Score cannot be increased by any other website or any third party apps. The only way that you can increase your Snapchat Score is by using Snapchat Score itself and there are no word arounds or cheat methods which can increase your Snapchat Score.

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