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Those who are obsessed with the Snapchat Social Networking platform which in fact would include everyone in today’s age must know all about the Snapchat Scores, Snapchat Numbers and the Snapchat Trophies. Snap Scores have in fact become a competition in today’s world and snap score battle isn’t something new to this world. What many users do not know is how one earns these Snapchat Trophies and what is all the hype about regarding the competition of these Snapchat Trophies? You do not need to worry because this article will cover everything that you need to know regarding the Snapchat Trophies.

What basically are the Snapchat Trophies?

The Snapchat Trophies are essentially a great feature that is exclusive to the Snapchat App which appears in the form of images or videos on the messaging app which archives the bantam mileposts of their users. Let’s understand this using an example, for instance if you have transferred a specific number of images over Snapchat or any specific kind of image to any user or a wide range of videos to your Snapchat contacts then you will be awarded a special trophy.

How can you see the Snapchat Trophies Case?

If you wish to access your Snapchat Trophy Case on the Snapchat App then of course first you will have to access the app for Snapchat then click on your Bitmoji icon present at the top left side of the screen display to be able to open the main Account page of your Snapchat. Now locate your Snapchat code on this page and right above this you will find the icon for the Trophy Case. Then you can tap on this Trophy Case icon to open up your Trophies Case and see what your trophy shelf includes.

Let’s have fun with Snapchat Fun Facts!

Indeed Snapchat has come a far long way since its establishment back in 2012; it was although brushed off by the senior citizens but was happily embraced by the teenagers and youngsters and is now one of the core social media platforms. Whether it is the general public or any business for marketing, Snapchat is simply the go to guru for their social communication needs and desires.

Before we dig into the real focus of this article which is to talk about the Snapchat Trophies let’s first take a look into some of the basic facts and features of Snapchat because of course as loyal users we must know everything about Snapchat.

Some Historical Facts about Snapchat

·         Did you know that Snapchat was initially known by the name of Picaboo? It was then rebranded to Snapchat which became available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

·         In the year May 2012 Snapchat statistics showed that 25 snaps were processed in every second of every day and by the end of 2013 this number escalated to almost 4500 snaps per second.

·         While in the year October 2014, Snapchat began serving various advertisers on their platform.

·         By the March of the year 2017, Snapchat went public and raised almost $3.4 million in their funding.

·         In the current times it is known that company is the employer of more than 3k employees.

·         By the May of the year 2018, the unskippable advertisement feature has been launched on to this social networking platform.

The Financial Statistics of Snapchat

  • In the year 201 Snapchat generated almost an amount of $825 million in their revenue which was almost twice as much as they did in the year 2016
  • Back in the May of the year 2015, Snapchat had its shares valued at almost $10.95 which was much lower than the real value of $27.09.
  • According to the recent statistics the average revenue of Snapchat for every user is valued at almost $1.53 and these were the statistics back in 2017 so one can imagine the value escalation now!
  • The average revenue per user is the most in North America at 2.75 dollars while in Europe this value is set at 66¢, while for the rest of the globe this revenue per user is set at a value worth 56¢.

The user and demographic statistics of Snapchat

  • Almost up to a 60% of the users of Snapchat are below the age of 25 and in the United Kingdom almost 77% of Snapchat users fall under the age of 25 or below.
  • In the American population almost 78% of the Americans between the age of 18-24 year olds are avid users of Snapchat.
  • By the month of February in 2018 Snapchat has achieved the rank of the sixth most famous app available in the United States of America.
  • In the teenage population of the United States of America almost 47% of these teens think that Snapchat is a better platform than Facebook while 24% of teenagers think that Snapchat is definitely better than Instagram.
  • As stated by the YouGov survey, almost 30% of the Gen Y men are avid users of the platform of Snapchat in comparison to the 50% of these Gen Y women.
  • In the countries of Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden have the most users of the Snapchat platform and most of their Snapchat users are around the age of 16 or above.

The Marketing Statistics of Snapchat

  • In the year 2016 Snapchat spend almost $90 million solely on advertisements.
  • In the same year of 2016 Snapchat also launched their product of Spectacles which let people post snaps of all that they had to see in the real world.
  • When we talk about the advertisements the top three famous brands for these are the Comedy Central, Buzz Feed and the iHeartRadio.
  • Almost 64 percent of the marketers own an active account on the Snapchat platform.
  • There are active wear brands which will definitely be on Snapchat for everyone to access however travel brands are least famous on Snapchat.

How can one earn these Snapchat Trophies?

Now that we have established what Snapchat Trophies are all about you must be wondering how one can earn these special Snapchat Trophies to show case in their Snapchat Trophy Case and win that Trophy war with your friends.

To simplify the procedure for earning Snapchat Trophies we have made a list of all the activities that you can do on the Snapchat App to be able to earn a specific trophy. Along with the activity, the type of trophy earned corresponding to it is also listed so you can easily check what you did to earn which trophy.

  1. Email Snapchat Trophy – When you add an email ID in the Settings that is certified you get the trophy of an email symbol.
  2. Telephone Snapchat Trophy – When a certified cell phone number is added in the Settings you earn the trophy of the Telephone.
  3. Happy Devil Snapchat Trophy – When you first time take a screenshot of anyone’s snap but remember that they would get a notification when you take this screenshot but you will earn the Happy Devil Trophy.
  4. Sad Devil Snapchat Trophy – When you have taken at least 10 screen shots of the snaps you have received you will earn the Sad Devil Trophy.
  5. Red Goblin Snapchat Trophy – When you have taken at least 50 screen shots of the snaps you will earn the Red Goblin Snapchat Trophy.
  6. Radio Snapchat Trophy – When you send a snap to any native or broadcasted story you will earn the radio trophy.
  7. Clapper Board Snapchat Trophy – When you send at least 10 snaps to the native or broadcasted stories you will earn the clapper board.
  8. Ghost Snapchat Trophy – When your Snapchat Score reaches a value of half a million you will get the Ghost Trophy.
  9. Video Tape Snapchat Trophy – When you shot an audio plus visual snap you will earn a video tape.
  10. Movie Camera Snapchat Trophy – When you have completed shooting at least 50 video snaps you will be awarded with a movie camera.
  11. Video Camera Snapchat Trophy – When you have shot at least 500 video snaps you will earn the Video Camera Trophy.
  12. Lollipop Snapchat Trophy – When you take a snap using more than 5 pen hues you will be awarded with the Lollipop Trophy.
  13. Rainbow Snapchat Trophy – When you snap 10 pictures using the 5 plus pen hues you will be given the Rainbow Trophy.
  14. Artist Palette Snapchat Trophy – When you snap 50 snaps using the 5 plus pen hues you will receive the Artist Palette Trophy.
  15. Sun Face Snapchat Trophy – When you take a snap that indicates the weather at 38o Plus, a sun face trophy will appear on your Snapchat trophy Case!
  16. Snowflake Snapchat Trophy – When you take a snap that indicates the weather of 0o C or less you will receive the Snowflake Trophy in the Case.
  17. Torch Snapchat Trophy – When you have shot 10 snaps using the torch feature on you will get the Torch Snapchat Trophy in the case.
  18. Ogre Snapchat Trophy – When you have made at least 1,000 Snaps as selfies you will be awarded with the Ogre Trophy.
  19. Fax Machine Snapchat Trophy – When you have Scanned at least 5 Snap codes you will be given a fax machine trophy in your case.
  20. Baby Snapchat Trophy – When your snap score has reached a value of 10 you will get the Baby Trophy in your case.
  21. Gold Star Snapchat Trophy – When your Snapchat Score has reached a value of 100 you will be given the Gold Star Trophy.
  22. Sparkles Snapchat Trophy – When your snap score reaches a value of 1000 you will be awarded with the Sparkles Trophy in your case.
  23. Shooting Star Snapchat Trophy – When your Snapchat score reaches a value of 10000 you get a Snapchat Trophy of the Shooting Star!
  24. Explosion Snapchat Trophy – When your Snapchat Score reaches 50,000 you will be given the Explosion Trophy in your Trophy Case.
  25. Rocket Snapchat Trophy – When your Snap Score reaches a value of 100,000 you will be awarded with a rocket shaped Snapchat Trophy.
  26. Microscope Snapchat Trophy – When you make at least 10 videos on Snapchat using the zoomed in version you will get the Microscope Trophy.
  27. ABCD Snapchat Trophy – When you take 100 snaps using the bug writing style you will be given the ABCD Snapchat Trophy.
  28. Panda Snapchat Trophy – When you have taken 50 snaps in the monochrome feature you will be given the Panda Trophy in your Trophy Case.
  29. Crescent Moon Snapchat Trophy– When you have taken 50 snaps in the night time mode you will be given the Crescent Moon shaped Trophy in your Trophy Case.
  30. Fried Egg Snapchat Trophy – When you take a snap in the time period between 4 am and 5 am in the morning you will be given the Fried Egg shaped Snapchat Trophy.
  31. Loop Once Snapchat Trophy – When you reverse the camera one time in a single snap video you will be awarded with the Loop Once Trophy in your Snapchat Trophy Case.
  32. Loop Snapchat Trophy – When you have reversed the camera in 5 spells on a video to get the Loop Snapchat Trophy in your case.
  33. Refresh Snapchat Trophy – When you reverse your camera at least 10 times in a single video snap you will be awarded with the Refresh Trophy on your Trophy Case.
  34. Hear-No-Evil Snapchat Trophy – When you make any video snap without the audio you will be given the Hear-No-Evil Trophy for your Trophy Case.
  35. Magnifying Glass Snapchat Trophy – When you snap at least 10 photos using the complete zoomed in mode you will receive the magnifying glass Snapchat Trophy in your Trophy Case.

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