Snapchat Upload from Gallery- Done and Dusted!

Snapchat is that name in the world of social networking apps that does not need any formal introduction because it is that app which introduced a revolution to social networking platforms by their real time diminishing snap story concept ever since it was launched back in 2011 by the Snap Inc. Today Snapchat has become the most widely used app on both the iOS and Android platforms. You would be surprised to note that the Digital Marketing Ramblings DMR announced that Snapchat has more than 158 million active users all across the world and this number keeps on escalating literally every day.

Now because Snapchat was the original and raw idea at its best with its functionality of sharing snap moments with your family and friends by instantly snapping a picture or recording a quick video clip of what you are currently up to and this is basically the reason why many youngsters, teenagers and even adults simply adore Snapchat.

Even though other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook now also offer you the chance to post pictures and videos on their “story” feature from your smart phone but the only feature which makes Snapchat stand out from all these other apps is that it lets you upload first hand pictures taken from the Snapchat camera itself. This feature is available on other social media platforms but since the idea was so raw and unique pitched in first by Snapchat, it is always associated with this app in particular.

Moreover there are a number of interesting face filters and editing features comprising of the emojis and eye lenses that one can use on Snapchat, the pictures and videos which you will get in the end would be original and would have never ever been shared on any platform before. Thus feature is considered as highly innovative but still there are people who would love to upload pictures from phone’s gallery taken before in time for upload for a good number of reasons.

Since there were so many requests, demands, complaints and queries from Snapchat users from all across the world the Snapchat team introduced the function which you can use to upload pictures from Gallery or your Camera Roll. If you have ended up on this article on how to use Snapchat Upload from Gallery or from your Camera Roll then this article has everything that you need to know.

How to do Snapchat Upload from Gallery?

Now before you move ahead with the process of using Snapchat upload from gallery there are many tips, tricks and steps that you need to consider before moving ahead with this. We have compiled all these important pointers for you below so that you can read, understand, engulf and then enjoy the Snapchatting experience at a whole new level.

  1. The very first thing you need to do is access the app for Snapchat on your device by tapping on its icon.
  2. Now the instance that you will launch the app, you will see two circle shaped icons at the bottom side of your screen display; one would be to snap a picture and the other one would direct you to the famous Snapchat’s memoirs. In this tutorial you must tap on the minor icon.
  3. Now at this point you must jab towards the left to access the camera real from all the subdivisions of the snaps.
  4. You will now get to see all those photographs and videos that have been itemized. Then you will be required to tap on the icon which would be a tick sign icon present just above the display curve.
  5. In the end you will have to tap on all the pictures and the videos that you wish to add to your Snapchat or one can say that the pictures or videos that you wish to post/upload on Snapchat but you will have to save them beforehand.
  6. Now to be able to save these videos then you must click on the icon for share right beside the trash icon which is present t the lower side of your screen display and then simply click on the Save button. Now once you have successfully saved the video you can easily post it on Snapchat by tapping on the button for Send. You can also choose to post your snap stories on your general post or choose contacts if you wish to share with them personally.

In addition to all the steps mentioned above there are other approaches that one may opt for but demands playing a bit with the law. Due to the reason for the Snapchat upload from gallery there is a huge concern regarding the use of arbitrator applications to access one’s account which includes the Phantom for the iOS devices that are jailbroken and the Casper for Android which could be very well the reason you’re your account may get restricted for access that to on a permanent basis.

If Snapchat for any reason has indeed restricted your access to your own account then you will be locked out for half a day or even more in some cases. You may also be required to uninstall all the arbitrator applications that you may have been using on your device.

This quiet simply clarifies the fact that even if you somehow do upload your pictures or videos to Snapchat from your gallery then you will have to face a fine because of illegal activity given that you get caught doing this that too red-handedly.

Now that the legality concept has been explained let us talk about the alternate methods for Snapchat upload from gallery. The alternate to this is to create Snapchat stories simply by directly snapping a shot of the picture or make a video that your wish to post using your Snapchat camera itself. This is indeed the most convenient and the best way especially if you are stuck in a situation which has no other way out and when you really need to use Snapchat. This is not something illegal and does not violate any rules of security laid down by Snapchat on Computer.

This is when you access any image or any video on any other gadget or device and then take a picture or make a video of the display screen of your gadget using your Snapchat camera. This will definitely alter the features of the snap you have taken however this is imperative for you to stay under the radar when it comes to the Snapchat upload from gallery.

Other Methods to use Snapchat Upload from Gallery!

The alternate method to be able to use Snapchat Upload from gallery requires the use of some third party apps which we have already explained above are considered illegal by Snapchat and Snapchat may even restrict your access to your account so you must proceed here at your own risk.

These methods are simple and require you to access the Snapchat app and then simple swipe right where you will find the tool for uploading a picture or snap a video. Then click on the icon for upload and your gallery will open up from where you have to choose the picture and press the Send button.

Snapchat Upload from Gallery on Android smart phones

As we have told you earlier that Snapchat is the social network which allows you to post stories for 24 hours by uploading one of a time pictures or videos from your phone. It although is considered bad to upload old pictures from your gallery but many people have shown interest in posting pictures and videos to Snapchat from the phone’s gallery using the third-party apps. For Android device, the third party app is the Casper and here is how you can use it:

Step 1: First you must access the following link and complete the downloading for the casper apk file and then complete its Installation.

Before you can use this you will be required to give permission for the installation of this app which is an app from the unknown sources on your Android phone Settings. Visit the Settings then go to Security and access Device Administration and finally to Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Then sign out of your Snapchat account so that you can use the Casper app instead for Snapchat Upload from Gallery.

Step 3:  Now you should access the Casper App and sign to it using your Snapchat login details. The user interface of the interface of casper app is quite familiar to the Snapchat apart from the screen of the camera.

Step 4: Now you need to upload a picture or any video that you have in your gallery and add all the facial filters and other editing features. You can also put in texts and emojis on the pictures just like you would do on Snapchat.

Step 5: Then once all the editing is done simply upload the picture which you have edited to your Snapchat story by clicking the Send button or send it in private chat to your friends.

Step 6: Then you must sign out of your Casper account and go back to your Snapchat account to view your recently posted story from the gallery.

Some Cool Features of the Casper Apk

  1. You can save Snaps without alarming the Sender

When you save images on Snapchat the Sender always gets  a notification however with Casper you can save snaps without letting the sender know, So your friends and family when send you snaps or messages you can easily save them at your end without alarming the other side.

  1. Forward exciting snap stories to all your Snapchat Contacts  

The Casper app will allow you to send and share exciting stories to all of the other Snapchat users without having to save them first on your smart phone.

  1. Put on interesting Filters and stickers to all your Snaps 

With Casper you can personalize all your snaps with exciting filters and stickers for the desired appearance. You will be able to put on Emojis as well displaying feelings.

Upload pictures from gallery to Snapchat On iOS devices

To be able to use Snapchat Upload from Gallery through a third party app on Apple device you first need the Phantom app installed on your iOS device from the Apple App Store.

Step 1: First complete the downloading of the third party app called Phantom Snapchat APK for iOS on your PC.

Step 2: When the Phantom Snapchat APK file has finished installing on your PC. You will be required to side load this APK file on your Apple device from your PC where you downloaded it first.

Step 3: Once the Phantom Snapchat APK file has finished installing on your Apple device it would show up on the home screen just like the other apps do.

Step 4: Now to finish the set up procedure you must go to the section for Settings then go to General and click on Profiles and now trust the profile for the application before opening it up.

Step 5: Here you go, you are done installing Phantom for Snapchat and can use it for Snapchat Upload from Gallery.

Furthermore, the installation of Phantom for Snapchat on your iPhone or any other iDevice will allow you enjoy many other perks and features that are not available on Snapchat itself.

Some Exciting Features of the Phantom for Snapchat App for iOS

  1. The app will save all the snaps in the Snapchat Feed and will show them as read each time you view it.
  2. This will let you choose many contacts at one time.
  3. You will be able to disable this app from the App Settings section.
  4. This will save all the delivered media files automatically so no more manual saving
  5. This will also enable the option for “Open in” for the Snapchat App
  6. You can turn off the hold gesture so that you can keep all your snaps open
  7. You will be given the option to upload all the media files that you have received to your snap stories as well.
  8. Of course interesting face filters and effects will be a given

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